45+ Best Free Portfolio WordPress Themes

45+ Best Free Portfolio WordPress Themes

6 January 2017 in WordPress Themes
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45+ Best Free Portfolio WordPress Themes

This free portfolio wordpress themes is true, but each of you, in the past, create something that is unique to the creativity, or to ask to speak. This is very expensive since, besides the bank, but the entire process of creativity, it is not optional. These two things, people, I am sure, organized the mutual, private, creative and meaningful, are not to be expected.

This hidden force that you do not need to write a great song and an excellent picture. His responsibility is considered a source of inspiration for artists and creative people. We have to wait to get the basics. Many great artists, musicians, actors, with a laptop you have to go to. Ready to take this time and the place, graffiti, it’s a great idea.

Events and trends in the world of art, fake, or a copy of a large object and a mirror often. Creativity in the development of the whole society, this is normal, take a closer look. Information technology, without a doubt, a combustion engine, steam engine or the internal revolution, without input and without the greatest turning point in human history is not. Screen, laptop, mobile devices, multiplication of the site often current. Because you have the payment of a contract penalty of a cliché that the consistency and quality of the market very quickly, depending on the victim, deceived and angry.

This adjustment and the expiration date of a paper and pen, are regulated in very different ways, and is therefore very important. Most customers need to be able to meet you in person, to understand. In all these cases, a reputation as an artist. And finally the quality of work and on the website. For most of us we agree that it is difficult to escape, a bad impression. This is a good place to do ‘? The success of the company is delicious here, is the foundation of everything. As an option, many people lose weight.

Expensive for the advertising of real. Cheap web server, it is not just thousands of dollars cost. For a few minutes, after-hours service, as well as come with your web-site advertising, newspaper ads, and if you do not explain everything. We need to get your attention, which we naturally expect. If you do not want to literally move in, the need for this second peak to attract the attention of visitors. Then how? Well, I want to see clearly is not a good way to hurt you. For many people is a WordPress theme is the answer. Offer only. Many organizations and, as it contains a number of features, is suitable to the aesthetic advantages of the property. So, for the best creative themes for WordPress.


Talon is one of our favorites for the construction of a magnificent website portfolio. He acts as freelancers and companies layouts with mind blowing and large sensitive / head area tab. Great, want to choose the type of headline you. For example, some people prefer riders, while others refer to static images. Changes the flowers last only a few clicks buttons and icons can be expanded in context, if you will. Topic – 100% ready for the case to set the default language of the translation.

Subject Talon provides a solid set of Google fonts, and blends beautifully with the support of the part of the developer, because you really do not need to use the code to collect your website. Widgetized footer, you can insert a wide range of features such as social media buttons or contents of the list. By default, the layout of blogs is very simple, but they give you the opportunity to go on the grid of the walls of this page.

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talon free wordpress theme 2017

Gridster Lite

Gridster Lite designed a clean and well designed portfolio theme, created by photographers and artists. In this picture fashion show way is the grid for the exhibition, the left sidebar and homepage based on enough space. The theme has a great layout with a large desktop screen and excellent precision making it mobile phones and tablet PCs work on every screen. Another interesting feature of Grid Ster-Lite are: custom background, custom menus, sticky writing and ready made.

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gridster lite free wordpress theme 2017


Accelerate speed-up that you can use for free WordPress theme. If previous projects or a portfolio to present your works in art, if you want, it will wrap and multi-purpose website will not disappoint you. This wonderful masterpiece to make your website stand out from the crowd with a premium look and feel. Mainly in the portfolio websites, business websites, blogs or other services designed for business and private travel. His home and a modest proposal, any kind of content that you want to publish in this website would be good. In addition, the goal to deliver a fully responsive web design, such as smartphones and tablets, including the iPad a comfortable viewing experience with all web-enabled devices to ensure that it works best. This is not necessarily the goal that you can fill, with impressive pictures, will attract the attention of visitors there is a great homepage-slider.

This topic is linked to your website this kind of “asides”, so called, pictures, videos, quotes, links, audio, and able to display different types of content such as short pieces Formats. Manage the entire appearance of the page options with the theme of the portfolio. Change the custom header image, set a background image or a background color that matches the trade name or the brand or the design. This theme of the two contributions, pages, content or driver that the gallery has to offer, at the same time appear independent of the pictures, that is certainly the highlight. Also, build your network and your potential customers can contact us directly, integrate a contact form on your website that will help.

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accelerate free wordpress theme 2017


Transcend WordPress theme Premium free business web design, technologically advanced and highly sensitive, competent and creative, easy to use and modern. Transcend Transcend. Without the writing itself, for both beginners and is designed for managers that is easily and effectively on the features and functions of the code in a few minutes, which is filled with a layout row to create a single website set up and lived from the elements on one side, you must change the complete customization that you can get a variety of different options and settings by completely visual interface is easier than ever.

Transcend, the public can understand and relate to your portfolio using the latest AJAX technology to present the contents of a large online audience in the world to put the style tags and categories and easy to use, it is perfect. Comfortable, cozy, code, service packs, products, prices and plans you can imagine the members of the team in the world, with the greatest of ease and simplicity. an amazing car with WooCommerce e-commerce module packed with features, you can easily do with your business to get the block a few minutes on the Sunday after the first installation, or even to require the publication of a catalog of digital product downloads for another thing. Now, try to overcome!

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transcend free wordpress theme 2017


Adapt is a free wordpress theme created by sensitive topics, here on WPExplorer. The theme has a very clean and elegant business-portfolio style design, making it useful for small businesses, offices, nude bags and more.

In general, the theme is very minimal and very easy to configure. It comes with a built-in-post type to your portfolio, homepage highlights and home riders. You can add content to a piece of cake. When you add to your blog, you can add entries for each of these types of customs offices.

Adapt theme also include page templates for your homepage, blog, post portfolio over the entire width of the page, and also the landing page. You can quickly customize your website, as well as a demo. In addition, these pages can be customized by using the options in the theme optiespanel.

This is a great theme that is ideal for those seeking minimal trading or portfolio website. Check out the list of features below and see the demo for yourself. Moreover, it’s 100% free and without any compromises, so you get to the theme you want! Of course you would like to share the topic with others, we ask you to link to our website back, and not provide direct downloads to your own.

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adapt free wordpress theme 2017

Emmet Lite

Emmett Lite theme that you are interested in is a clean and professional design with support for corporate websites and portfolios. This is a theme that fully integrates with WordPress your adjuster and comes with the creator of the page, so anyone can create your web pages without code. We would like to hear that the developers and beginners, which accelerates the process and ensures that nothing is messed up in the source code. Emmett Lite integrates well with a wide range of third-party plug-ins. For example, install the WooCommerce plugin if you are planning to sell something via an online store. In addition, bbPress and BuddyPress for working with the topic of Lite Emmett, using social networks and forums, both have an important role in creating a community around your portfolio.

Menu and custom colors are available when you download free download theme, what makes for the environment, is friendly for the companies who want the day, but you want. Sensitive layout is ideal for people who want to keep the entertainment for their portfolio on the street while the files of finished translations exist to help users who can not understand content in English. Full blog acts as a way to give away free items to your users, but it also comes in handy if you want to boost your search engine rankings. All your messages are highlighted on the main page and the best photos that reduce to a smaller size without doing anything. We want a WordPress theme for your Lite Emmett simplicity and flexibility, so try it out for your next portfolio.

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emmet lite free wordpress theme 2017


Activello, serious and professional, polite and well-developed, safe and reliable, developed in its own way, with the latest technology and very flexible and powerful, flexible, visually refined and aesthetically flawless, imaginative and sensitive WordPress multi-site web. Activello manager of sites to use from any background, is made easy and is equipped with a function effortlessly on the complete package, it may be better to produce all kinds of beautiful and amazing site. Activello, modern, portfolio, for your website, is strong in a unique way, if it is installed in a challenging topic.

All-inclusive properties, the self-employed photographers, designers, web-developers, the professional and valuable work, a potential client or employer will have no effect, bright, and memorable visual presentation, which will allow you to show the world that it is ideal for all types of users. Can easily be configured with Activello, polished and smooth to drive in the drop-down menu with easy navigation, very modern with an intuitive user interface, the visual language, which is a flat design and introduction of a personal or professional online Activello dayayıcı the right foot at the beginning. Activello only been enriched with the advanced features of the WordPress Customizer to make your own decisions on this issue is very simple. Show the value of the company in the best light with Activello!

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activello free wordpress theme 2017


Sparkling flat frame design wp theme boot, smartphones, tablets, desktops and optimize this topic developed interface with other devices. Pixel perfect design, excellent service, and full-screen slider with WordPress themes. Premium watch and should not be confused with anything on the market, I think it may be.

Love your site on Google SEO friendly themes schema structures are compatible. In this section, that a majority supports Yoast and W3 total cache through gravity forms, contact form 7, SEO is not as free and premium plugins. These health services, health, education, finance, trade, travel, Web design, marketing, or other location is ideal for personal and corporate Web site design.

Version 2.2.0 sparkling theme integration thanks to e-commerce ready for WooCommerce.

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sparkling free wordpress theme 2017

Accesspress Lite

Accesspress Lite portfolio in das mirage apart you can quite well meet your needs. This theme offers an incredible-Modell for nature, health, Small, biz, personal, corporate, portfolio, photography, environment, associated with creative websites. It is built on HTML5 CSS3 technology. Totally responsive when viewed on different devices, flawless flows. At the same time, all major browsers are designed to work efficiently. Aus Ihren Familien for the construction of a fully functional portfolio of Accesspress Lite professionals, useful features ideal ideal for a very simple dotted line. This draws auf easy to customize the featured slider you can use for web-site visitors. At the same time, your website will provide an adaptive multi-screen layout to your website, which requires an event, custom pages set to the recommendation pages of the portfolio.

Accesspress Lite offers three options for WordPress theme layout, the content on the main page, the option to adapt the menu options to the side panels. In addition, the header or footer of the website page allows you to integrate social links. In addition, this theme is very easy to customize for mark promoting eine ausgezeichnete Foto-Damm. You can create your own unique website with this theme by taking advantage of the favicon at its discretion in the Dream logo uploader. It has a cool function call, which allows your customers to convert your website to a web site! If you change the background theme / add rss Bild des inneren Teils der with smooth CSS3 animations, adding your own custom CSS kaltes Feuer facilitates panelite powerful theme options panes to fit all the possible options / features of this theme contact form 7, WooCommerce in bbPress It is compatible with the plug-in. It offers RTL support in SEO-Kuchen, ready for translation. If you need more theme options functionality for your website’s portfolio without disturbing you to upgrade to a professional version.

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accesspress lite free wordpress theme 2017


Illdy is a fully flexible and visible multi purpose WordPress theme based on foreground bootstrap framework compatible mobile phone be. Business theme, landing page, very well suited for creative portfolio or other Web sites. This WordPress customizer bring a heavy load, and therefore, you can create a Web page in preview mode. These changes, which occur, on its Web site means that you look like you in real time. This is our most flexible WordPress theme is absolutely free for our private and commercial websites. Web page by using the page setup with multiple partitions each time you want Illdy ‘ Kiisellestir n get will be better off than ever before. This is only a free WordPress theme that you use, our needs and our support to support.

Illdy, contact form 7, form of gravity, Yoast SEO, Jet Pack, WP Super cache, NextGen Gallery and work with the most popular and free WordPress plugins and WooCommerce soon. In this section, also the higher position in Google and other search engines is, it is a program that is SEO-friendly. This theme, full screen background image and Parallax scrolling for more elegant user interface has active affiliates.

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illdy free wordpress theme 2017


Tempera is very popular on a framework provides a user-friendly interface, multi-structure of Tempera site is incredibly surprising free wordpress theme. Very easy and simple theme is an easy to use interface, more than 200 parameters that tablets and mobile phones in Castro. The changes to the theme display design tools can be simple, thanks to more than 50 kinds of character, for a homogeneous look 12 widgets. Different formats for the dissemination of content and ease of customization and novelty in designs for this item. The emergency function of translation, at the same time, to promote cultural diversity.

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tempera free wordpress theme 2017


Screen is a free wordpress theme that is good for just about any creative agency or web design / digital studio or marketing / advertising agency. In addition, it is also ideal for a personal portfolio. It has all the basic elements of a web page and portfolio, but it does not look messy.

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screen free wordpress theme 2017


Make sharing photos, videos, music, sell, the customer of the press or a simple connection excellent portfolio to see stunning premium WordPress theme. This creative tool that allows you to set a code without a website contact line with a professional portfolio. This is your web site and mobile responsive design on all devices, tablets, and it looks great on mobile devices running. This “freemium” – at a basic level of skills to create your WordPress website theme with artists, collectors, curators and other creative people is designed to bring. This fantastic on the theme of integrated design, intuitive team behind the theme of the foundry, the page generator. Easy to edit and Tun background, layout, fonts, colors and theme customizer contains options that let you customize the logo design for the integration of the integrated.

Make the addition of the customization of the controls, and at the same time a drag-and-drop page builder comes with an easy and fun to design your site. If you need to add to the new page, as building blocks for your page text, empty, flag and / or gallery, the option to add sections will be displayed. you can also do the drag & drop page builder your website with ease the basic elements of organization. Only a single website design to create a bunch of parts to each other in any order. This is a very flexible program and a minimalist design magazine, travel and an e-commerce site allows you to create. This most popular plugins like WooCommerce, gravity forms, and is fully compatible with Jetpack. This easy to use premium features of the theme the theme that comes free with people who have the creative people behind. the main topic of the page, page builder, with a drag and drop. Several websites offering live demonstrations, without any fuss, distinctive style and a theme for WordPress that is your personal brand on the internet.

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make free wordpress theme 2017

Asteria Lite

ASTERIA Lite comes with wide and versatile slider Forward is free and clean, precise wordpress theme. Feature images, the amazing visual effects on your website include transitions for sin. Thanks to these big car, I have a message directly to the public. ASTERIA Lite multi-purpose theme. , Portfolio or blog-l’ambito is necessary. The theme is SEO friendly layouts, 3 different page templates and can be used in creating a site collection is completed with other treatments.

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asteria lite free wordpress theme 2017


Snaps Free portfolio wordpress theme is apt-show-artistic portraits and picture galleries. Its smooth design without problems works on all screen sizes, including computers, mobile phones and tablets. In addition, this theme is simply set portfolio. You can add your own logos, icons, background image, background color, create a custom menu, select custom fonts, koptekstafbeelding and widgets, add personality and personality to your site. In addition, it offers various formats that can help you attract more visitors to the site.

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snaps free wordpress theme 2017


Shapely design with high functionality is a powerful and versatile site WordPress theme. This is the most advanced free WordPress themes available today with many unique settings. This issue of portfolio, links, Parallax partitions activity that uses personal data for product or service calls and much more can be, plus several houses with the widget.

Slender WooCommerce, Jetpack, severe forms, contact form 7, Yoast SEO, Google Analytics is free and premium WordPress plugins, such as Yoast and much more. The theme makes it a say on any device, mobile friendly and helpful.

This theme is the best job, landing page, portfolio, e-commerce, e-Commerce Stores, suitable for personal Web pages, blog, journal, or other large Web site to use as improvements can and if the page is a unique installation. This is much better than anything seen before, and we do not offer better results, because SEO optimized, because the last WordPress theme to use.

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shapely free wordpress theme 2017


Hatch is a great theme for photography enthusiasts and all lovers. Hatch theme is very simple and organized, the appearance of the image-based page design. A unique and attractive design that works great on the mobile or desktop. Also you can customize the title and the background to suit your needs. Hatch theme of children friendly, using advanced typography and the code so as to always be with him. You can use this topic you want a fully functional kitchen and pleasant user environment.

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hatch free wordpress theme 2017

Farben Basic

A nice light to create a website if you want to color basic theme. This product is fully accessible to your website, on a tablet or smartphone. Displays only the voice, but also allows you to update your content on the road.

Because you must be clearly identifiable, and others, personalization is an important feature of a successful brand. Nevertheless, color industry bank personalization, including your own header images and set the width of the page, you can change the layout of the site. Gallery, video, aside, image, status, quote, audio, and there are different formats for writing, including the links. A customer if you decide to install, jetpack, the appearance of the tile or a jQuery-carousel, you will be able to present galleries. Useful plugins like buddypress and bbpress theme, which is very flexible because it provides space for a variety of.

If the online store is a part of your marketing strategy, you are happy! Colors basic is compatible with woocommerce plugin anyway a great. This “you can create stunning work to market your goods, the fact that was a game in the sky. Place on the web to your advantage-lingual and get comments on the subject.

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farben basic free wordpress theme 2017

Rokophoto Lite

Modern and very good opportunity for creative people – especially photographers, designers, artists, etc. Show your works in the world. This free theme to a little vintage style portfolio offers black and white design, old school icons and elegant typography. The portfolio has a format that is similar to a blog, and the items below it are displayed.

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rokophoto lite free wordpress theme 2017


Great craft to show your work to a presentable Enigma portfolio extremely beautiful and functional design is excellent. This winding and multi-purpose theme coded and built with passion and competence. Enigma makes your site very interesting and flexible, the boot is based on the CSS framework. ISE, created to easily organize all computers and handheld devices. At the same time, high-resolution screens with display on your wallet, Retina ready. Enigma tested on all major browsers and works perfectly. You can use the theme to attract the attention of your target audience or potential customers that comes with a big slider on the main page. Enigma 4 2 page layouts and templates that will help you to effectively showcase collections, or to facilitate a good job and, at the side, to create a website. Five widget allows you to (only the sidebar, four footer), provides the theme without touching a line of code. the tools used depending on the number of footer of the widgets automatically display the page, if you set the sidebar widgets-you, two design columns that can be created.

Enigma also has a Flickr widget to display Flickr photos as personalized Web portfolio. This topic fans, followers and customers with your social media profile and accessible on the web, social networking buttons that let you add headers and footers to help in the areas of social-media-link. The Enigma carouFredSel-built slider with jQuery plugin, infinite circular carousel converts any HTML element, one or more elements at the same time either horizontally or vertically to move. And finally, this fully functional with any subject and theme portfolio to help you personalize easily strong, proof of theme options panel comes with an idiot.

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enigma free wordpress theme 2017


Photomania WordPress theme has an optically impressive appearance, with a modern design and sensitive. This is a theme of the image, so all the photos displayed in the portfolio are displayed. Recommended for photographers or even agencies with pictures from your past work. Custom background-add a nice touch, in addition to the whole theme, while the custom colors and logos can be easily changed and the brand of your website. You also get a custom menu for user behavior around your website.

What’s more, the theme makes the best photos for any blog after the preview. In addition to the footer lists on custom widgets such as buttons, social media or the latest posts. Click on the left and the right sidebar as it is activated, and the format of dvousloupová your content in a professional way and organized. Along with the translation, thread comments and some topics the spoiled of choice theme photomania is added.

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photomania free wordpress theme 2017


The Illustrious free theme comes with cool slideshow on the home page. The presentation can be used to create attractive presentations for your website. This theme has been completely adaptive design to ensure that your website is working properly, on the screen in any size. Illustre also provides full control over the layout for your site. This theme provides infinitely many ways for colors and fonts and powerful link that you can use to customize your website. It also provides great support for popular plugins like WooCommerce, WPML, contact form 7, WordPress SEO.

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illustrious free wordpress theme 2017


Pinbin photography, design, art, WordPress portfolio websites for a modern and clean style; wall type, and the other is a theme. A very clean topic, without unnecessary functions and scripts. Removing and deleting your images, everything first is optimized for performance. This theme Yoast, contact form 7, Jetpack and many more like most popular SEO plugins supported. Pinbin the topic of your blog or portfolio-easily to find on Google, SEO friendly.

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pinbin free wordpress theme 2017


Clean theme GT3 themes aptly named because it provides a minimalist design that does not overload with unnecessary features or distraction. It is a clean design, simple and simple. In the hotel there is a drop-down menu, the custom header, grid layout, and various filters for your site.

In your blog you can send out the various formats, including masonry, a picture, full width, only YouTube, Vimeo, and another rider. Close to various elements on your pages and posts, including links, bookmarks, news, progress bar, badge, custom button configure and more.

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pure free wordpress theme 2017


Pictorico for the industry on this subject and fotoblogging means serve as a web site. All ‘posti contain Slip external link publish when the work, as it seems, a large number of impressive images of a column of the grid as argument. Pictorico comes with the soles of the four themes of the widgets and more by configuring custom titles and background. Open, pictures, videos, links and extracts: this argument after including adhesive and print formats for support.

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pictorico free wordpress theme 2017

Zerif Lite

Zerif Lite is one of the first site that we include on this list, so it is certainly worth noting that individual page layouts by many in the future apply. There are websites more suited to the digital world, placing most of the content on a single screen, rather than the force people to move from side to side on the bottom of a page. Zerif Lite a premium version, if you want, and it’s fully accessible, on mobile devices has to read. Localization is enabled, and you can contact packaged contact form.

View team members with modules to consider a call to action in the large header image, like you the tools and keys, is ideal for people to send new pages or offers.

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zerif lite free wordpress theme 2017


Allegiant free holders and specialists-purpose WordPress Theme is perfect. This theme-the main rider, block, portfolio, services, team members comes with the full support of the Council, and also thanks to all the friends, played types of objects, the plug-in SRO. Allegiant the best business theme for WordPress neutral design and excessive flexibility. Thank you, also, this theme is also integrated with WooCommerce, SEO Yoast, contact form 7 popular plugins like WPML.

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allegiant free wordpress theme 2017


EVOLVE fully responsive theme and Retina ready to create an online portfolio it is the perfect choice. This makes your website more accessible and visible to all types of computers and mobile devices. The parallax effect is smooth and the start is there to welcome visitors with these wonderful images. At the same time, numerous ski, and larger effects for animated pictures to bring life contains. If bootstrapovych without too much effort to change the frame on the basis of drawings to evolve. This simple theme over 500 Google web fonts, headings, subtitles, font and web copy contains an unlimited number of options for you to enter. Smart previews, check the contents of the image, the zoom effect when you move your mouse. His most blog layout or a single column in a 3-column matrix image in evidence, with a post or two.

Space is an opt-in, you can create your own custom widgets to add new features to the web site of this site as a template, then, post, store, and recommended. There are Two Widget widget 12 subject areas: sliding ear carousel. A thrill online, to give you and your customers on your site with this theme your social media accounts or profiles allows you to integrate to get the word. EVOLVE Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Google+, the social network including 10 claims. on each side, the function and navigation-navigation bar – features “, which falls in the top main menu, categories and brands, as well as some simple navigation elements, this topic is located. Finally, a WordPress development.

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evolve free wordpress theme 2017


Panoramica is a free portfolio WordPress theme that provides a good basis for a live and professional portfolio. Its full width slider facilitates your business with the best content. The theme comes with a complete portfolio of categories and even presentations in each record. Delicate design provides all kinds of modern equipment to your website. The Panoramica website also offers full integration with the administrator on the layout, seamless integration plug-in and more customization options.

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panoramica free wordpress theme 2017


Sydney, want a strong proposal online and is intended for freelance companies. Google logo font settings, including downloading and more choice is significant. Full slide, large images or ideal for those to display banner ads; full color control, provide excellent branding online platform. Top navigation bar helps people browse the home page of your site and block-and-drag interface design in a professional way with a clean surface.

Theme for more than 600 sites and prone to Google layout fonts for those that are changed on the mobile device. Sydney, speaks the language of the translation is perfectly prepared for reaching target groups and parallel background add a creative element to your Web site. A static image, or the customer can choose between social symbols slide and decide who can send an application to your Facebook page and Twitter.

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sydney free portfolio wordpress theme 2017


Brilliance is a smart and purposeful, adaptable and very customizable, modern and elegant, slightly appealing wordpress professional multi-purpose website design. Brillance is the subject of preparation for professional use, ranging from company to company and trade, but always polished and make a solid impression, before potential customers or employers. It makes brilliance a favorite for webmasters from all walks of life who have a beautiful and elegant portfolio website with elaborate functionality and a shiny, smooth look.

Packages with deep and meaningful website customization tools, you can code a fine-tuning the layout into a few clicks, edit elements, sidescripts, header and footer, and do whatever you can think of without writing a line code. Practical and flexible shortcodes expand the functionality of each page, while the incredible and innovative portfolio customization settings and a selection of “portfolio layouts styling allows you to present your professional success to the world wide seamless ease and absolutely stylish presentation Which can achieve high levels of conversion, brilliance can effectively translate your traffic into real-time and customers, increase your sales over night.Sponsive and mobile-friendly, the brilliance reaches to the widest audience.

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brilliance free wordpress theme 2017


Enclosed company to promote the catalog or the site is closed as the house of the magazine comes with full width on the slide, you can maximize your possibilities. Cursor to the image you want to use as a background for customizing any can be modified for creating a variety of different layouts. This argument, but also the categories of the individual elements as well as a presentation together, the full range of products. Its pictures to show your work to the full size of the project, using simple Microsoft Excel, as well as a brief introduction to the home page.

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enclosed free wordpress theme 2017


Astrid is one of our favorites because it is the quickest is a free solution for impressive website business. Yes, the portfolio is included in the price, and it seems like a simple and modern for your customers to find relevant content, without any problems. Checking the color and font on the server, and you can choose from a seemingly endless number of these options for searching after the perfect highlighter settings. Blog search engines helps increase while user-defined widgets that make your design process in multiple drag & drop his situation. You can download, quality provides full width header of the image. The header contains overlapping text and buttons to give redirect the user to another part of your site and explain new blogs or actions.

Setting the translation included in the theme Astrid, your portfolio of work with people from other cultures. The fine structure, users can access your web pages on mobile devices. Although it seems simple, it is especially important for the customer portfolio websites, so probably open the link in your portfolio on a tablet or phone. The head has a slider appears, if you want to use it, and support video one of the key elements in the selection of these themes. The background image for the footer here for branding your site a little better, and the Style button settings can do wonders, as a small A / B, to find out what styles work best. This topic allows for the allocation of workers on your team, with pictures, descriptions and more. Along with the portfolio statements offers a preview of the images that had no previous operation. Fast animations and links have to convince people that you have been hired by the work items and finally.

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astrid free wordpress theme 2017

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